How Does a septic system work?

How does a septic system work?

We have found that even though our clients are extremely keen to investigate what advantages a professionally installed septic system can provide, few of them have a working understanding of how these systems operate. You must know this, otherwise, you will be calling us out to fix things you could have handled on your own. Not that we mind, but we would rather you save the money for something else. So to make sure you have no excuses, we have taken the liberty to briefly explain these systems below.


Now it is safe to say that most septic systems use gravity to move the wastewater or sludge from your home to your tank, and ultimately your field. In cases where the tank or field is higher than the home, one may require a pump. This is by far the most crucial aspect of your entire system. If you are unable to keep things flowing, we promise you are going to struggle with your system continuously. Rather than living with this headache, we suggest you give our experts a call to ensure your system always runs at its optimal best, no matter what.

From The Top

It all starts with the wastewater you generate in your home. This is then funneled down a single pipe and deposited into your septic tank. Inside your tanks, the waste is split into 3 stages. These are solid sewage, liquid sewage, and scum. His is then released into a distribution box which regulates the flow of the waste as it enters your drain field. This is made up of many different pipes which are perforated to allow the waste to enter the gravel below in a controlled manner. This is how your basic septic system works.

Maintenance is everything

There is a saying in our industry. A septic system is only as good as its maintenance routine. Think of it like this, if you want your septic system to work like it should all the time, then you better make sure you are on top of its maintenance requirements. The moment you start to relax or pay less attention is the moment things will go wrong. This will ultimately just end up costing you more monies. To ensure this never happens, we have a range of maintenance solutions to ensure your septic system never lets you down.

Knowledge is power

Just from reading the information we have laid out on this page, we are sure you have already picked up a few tips. Here at Northumberland Septic Repairs, we are great believers that clients need to know how their septic systems work. This ensures that they always have a rough idea of what is going on. It also allows them to tell the difference between a problem they can fix themselves, and one we would need to handle. To find out more about these systems and anything else, please give us a call immediately. Our experts are always ready and waiting.