Septic system Installation

Septic System Installation

Septic systems are an ingenious way of providing wastewater treatment solutions to those people or areas who may otherwise find it difficult to access these utilities. If one is considering having one of these systems installed on your property, you must follow a planned installation method. This will ultimately ensure that everything flows as it should, and you can meet all the local health and safety requirements. To see what we can offer when it comes to septic systems and how they are installed, give us a call today.

Design And Prep

This is by far the most crucial stage of the installation process. Any mistakes you make here will quickly show up once the system is installed. To make sure you come up with the best possible solution for your needs, one needs o take the following into account during the planning process. This includes available space, topography, location, soil type, and the ability of the chosen area o drain and filters the wastewater. Once we have the answers to these questions and a few more, you will be that little bit closer to your ideal septic system.

Get Approval

This is by far the most common mistake many of our clients make. Not because they are trying to break the law, but usually they are just unaware that they need the local authorities’ permission for their septic system. One needs to make sure all the permits and approvals are in place before we even start thinking of breaking ground. Luckily we have become experts at making sure these do not become major stumbling blocks. So give us a call, and our experts will be more than happy to help you get the right paperwork together for your application.

The Right System

No two properties are the same. This means that one septic solution may work on one property, but might not work so well on another. To ensure that you get the septic solution you deserve, here at Northumberland Septic Repair, we have many options on the table. These include conventional gravity and pump septic systems. We have also recently added our pressure manifold and low-pressure pipe solutions. Essentially we now have the perfect solution to suit any job. So give us a call, let us pop round, and one of our experts will be more than happy to tell you which system would be best suited.


We have a tailor-made solution to suit any problem you may have. No matter how deep your pockets might be, we guarantee that you will get real value. The way we go about the costing structure ensures that our clients can get the best of the best. No matter which solution they might choose. It is something a bit different, and if you would like to experience it first hand, please get in touch with us immediately Our experts are always ready and waiting to show you what real quality should look like.