Septic system repair

Septic System Repair

We can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is to make sure your septic system is always in good, solid working order. There should be no backups, blockages, or overflows, as these can quickly cause major health issues. As with traditional sewer lines, your septic system will require some TLC from time to time. Luckily for you, no matter what the issues might be, our experts here at Northumberland Septic Repair have just the solution to ensure your system is back up and running in no time. To see precisely what we can do, please have a look below.

Broken Pipes

This is by far the most common problem our clients seem to have. Whilst the pipes we use are made of the highest quality materials, they are still vulnerable to damage which could be caused by roots, soil, or even adverse weather. They need to be checked as often as possible as a small hole can quickly develop into something more serious. Rather than waiting for this to happen, we would suggest you call us the moment you notice something is wrong. Any delay will just end up costing you more time and money. Make the right decision today.

Drain Field Malfunction

The one thing you need to know from the start is that your septic drain field will not last forever.  Over time the septic field grows thicker, meaning the wastewater has a smaller space to pass through. As we are sure you have guessed by now, this creates an area where grease and waste start to accumulate. Left to its own devices, it will overflow, and eventually, it will bubble up to the surface. No one wants this. Least of all, so before you ever get close to this point, we would suggest you give us a call straight away.


Every septic tank needs to be pumped at least once a year depending on how quickly it becomes filled. The main reason is to ensure that your tank is clear of any sludge and waste that may cause an overflow. It also gives us a chance to inspect the entire system. As a bonus, and since we have been receiving so many emergency requests, we also offer an emergency pumping solution for those unplanned incidents. Now that you can see we have all the bases covered, you have no more excuses not to give us a call.

Everything Else

Now the above-mentioned repair options are by far the most commonly requested among our clients. Be they residential or commercial. But what if something else goes wrong with another component? Can you rely on us to get the job done, or do you have to look elsewhere? You can rest assured that should anything else go wrong with your system, all you have to do is give us a shout and our experts will be more than happy to do the rest. Here at Northumberland Septic Repair, we are the best of the best.